• Extremely maneuverable swerve drive-train.
  • Robust loader capable of stacking four totes with container.
  • Innovative and intuitive custom driver station design.

Drive Train

  • Four-wheel independent AndyMark Swerve Drive.
  • Four CIM motors for high speed and torque.
  • 6.67:1 reduction for maximum speed.
  • Four PG71 motors for nimble steering.
  • 4″ high traction wheels.


  • Multiple autonomous modes selectable from drive station
    • Move into auto zone to score Robot Set.
    • One-Tote mode to score Tote Set.
    • Three-tote stack to score Stack Set.


  • Custom contoured tote fingers for quick pick-up.
  • Heavy duty loader for robust performance.
  • Assistive guides to ensure quick and and proper alignment with chute door.
  • Quick and easy unloading on scoring platforms.

Control System

  • Field-relative holonomic motion guided by NavX
  • Easy to control arcade style driver station.
  • Separate precision controls for consistent and accurate loading and scoring.
  • Impulse and warp modes to accommodate precision and speed.