New Members Information

This is some general information for the people who attended or were unable to attend the meeting on the basics of FIRST and Small Robotics.


FIRST robotics is the highest level of robotics at U of D.  This requires a large time commitment and as a team we prefer that you have experience in small robotics before joining FIRST.  If you have not done robotics before, please do small robotics this fall. Before the season starts you can receive information about joining FIRST in December.  FIRST has a diverse amount of activities you can help with. We have students who work on CAD, Programing, and Building.

Small robotics uses lego NXTs to build and program robots.  During the first semester students will work on Sumo Bots.  Then during second semester students will participate in Robofest.  Students will have the opportunity to participate in this year’s challenge or to build an exhibition robot.


FIRST: During the build season we would like all students to attend a build session at least twice a week. During build season, which runs roughly from January through March, we will meet every weekday after school until around 6pm. On Saturdays we will likely meet from 10am to 6pm.

Small Robotics: This meets once a week on Thursdays in Mrs. Wint’s room (Academy Science Lab S321) If you have not done robotics before and plan on doing FIRST this year, please try out small robotics to learn some of the basics.


FIRST provides a fun, competitive team experience, and teaches many skills that can help you throughout life. In FIRST you will learn how to use power tools and other important skills. FIRST encourages cooperation and competition with other schools. FIRST also is a great way to earn scholarships to colleges.

     Small Robotics is a great stepping stone to begin developing robotics skills.  It is fun and allows you to meet others with similar interests.

Feel free to look around the website for more information about the team.