Center Line District Final Results

After finishing qualifiers, we were seeded fifth but we ranked first or second in the unofficial but standard measures of Offensive Power, Defensive Power, and Calculated Contribution to Winning Margin. The tournament high score for a qualifying round was set by Mercy, and Waterford Kettering, and us.  

We ended up as captain of the 4th Alliance and picked 5053, the Lakers from OL of the Lakes in Waterford, and 2048, the Pink Panthers from the Detroit International Academy for Young Women.  In Quarterfinals, we easily defeated the 5th alliance, which left us against the 1st seed–a very strong Mercy team along with their alliance partners–in Semifinals.  In the most exciting round of the event, Mercy’s robot and one of our alliance robots ended up flipped over, but we ended up winning, followed by another close win to pull off the upset.

We lost the first Finals round against Waterford Kettering and their alliance partners and went into the second as the underdog.  Both teams performed incredibly well in the second round, racking up the highest combined score of the tournament and one of the highest in the world so far this season, but the Cubs emerged victorious by a single point, 145-144.

The final round was again very close with several things happening at the last second, but we won the round 140-113!