State Championship Results

The Robocubs performed well at the State Championship this weekend. Our robot, code, and driving continued to improve throughout the event and they closed out the event with three strong wins and outstanding performance from our robot. We are hopefully going to qualify for Worlds as we placed 33rd at the State Championship.

Officially Qualified for States

They announced the official ranking list and how many teams will move on to states.  Team 1701 has moved on to the Michigan State Championship ranked 63rd, with 88 district points! The team is very excited to be moving on to states and we have made the necessary preparations for the trip!

Robofest Competition Held

Today the University of Detroit Jesuit hosted a Robofest competition not only for our small robotics teams or our outreach teams (from Gesu, Christ the King, and Most Holy Trinity) but for teams in the community.  At this competition, there were 29 junior game teams, 2 senior exhibition teams, and 10 junior exhibition teams.  This competition is the largest the school … Read More

Center Line District Final Results

After finishing qualifiers, we were seeded fifth but we ranked first or second in the unofficial but standard measures of Offensive Power, Defensive Power, and Calculated Contribution to Winning Margin. The tournament high score for a qualifying round was set by Mercy, and Waterford Kettering, and us.   We ended up as captain of the 4th Alliance and picked 5053, … Read More

Tippecanoe, Indiana District Final Results

Over the weekend, the Robocubs took the long journey down to Tippecanoe, Indiana.  At this competition, we had instant success. We won our first match of the day and scored 4 ranking points!  Later that day we hit a rough patch, which brought our record to 3-5.  On Sunday, we were ready to win, and we won our remaining 4 matches, gaining … Read More

Southfield District Final Results

We finished the qualifying rounds 19th out of 39 teams!  In the quarterfinals, we were drafted by the 8th alliance, headed by the Livonia Warriors(2832), along with Knight Vision(3175).  We had a great strategy, but lost the first round by only 5 points (100-105).  After that round, we refined our strategy and scored an impressive 121 points, but this was not enough … Read More