New Year!

We have a meeting for new students on Monday 10/2 from 3-6pm.  If you’re interested in Robotics please come to the meeting and learn about our off season project.

Waterford District

Team 1701 performed well again at the Waterford District. At this event, we were picked first by the 7th alliance. As a member of this alliance, we upset the second seed alliance in quarterfinals and then lost in two close semifinal matches. Throughout this competition, we greatly improved our ability to manipulate gears quickly as well as speeding up our … Read More

Southfield District Results

Team 1701 performed extremely well at the Southfield event over the weekend.  After qualifying matches, we stood in 2nd place!  After alliance selections, we won quarterfinals but suffered a loss in Semifinals. Tthe Robocubs currently sit 13th in Michigan! Go Cubs!


The Robocubs are off to Southfield High School for the first competition of the season. We hope to perform well! To follow this event you can view information at: or

New Members Information

This is some general information for the people who attended or were unable to attend the meeting on the basics of FIRST and Small Robotics. What: FIRST robotics is the highest level of robotics at U of D.  This requires a large time commitment and as a team we prefer that you have experience in small robotics before joining FIRST. … Read More