RoboCubs Wrap Up At Livionia

Our Livonia event played out much like our Southfield event. After winning the UL Hardhat award for safety, we were picked by the 8th alliance, and were glad to join up with teams 2620, the Titans, and 3542 SPEED. We were then knocked in the quarter-finals after two hard fought matches against the 1st alliance. We happy to help our alliance partners work through a couple of problems, but in the end we were defeated. However, all was not lost, and during the awards ceremony, we were awarded the Delphi Engineering Excellence award, which “celebrates an elegant and advantageous machine feature”. As the team looks forward to next weekend in Bedford, we hope to see you there.

2014 Engineering Excellence Award

Robocubs Head Home From Southfield With Awards in Tow.

With our first competition, the Southfield district, over we headed home ready to start tweaking and and improving our robot before the Livonia district competition. At Southfield, we ran into some unexpected problems with sensors, but we managed to be picked to join the 6th alliance with our friends on teams FRC 835, The Sting and on FRC 247, Da Bears. We were knocked out of elimination matches in quarter finals, but we had a lot of fun getting there. During the course of the competition we were privileged enough to win two different awards, both being won for the second year in a row. The first of these wards was the #1 in Pit Safety award, and the second being the Motorola Quality award. We are very grateful to have been picked, and to have won these awards, and we look forward to seeing all of you in Livonia.

2014 Motorola Quality Award

Practicing With Bedford

Last Saturday we were lucky enough to be invited  out to Bedford to un-bag, and practice with all of our friends on team 1023 Bedford Express. We had an amazing time, and got some extremely useful practice in that involved some of the cooperating elements of Aerial Assist. We look forward to seeing some more of our friends Friday and Saturday at the Southfield District.