The University of Detroit Jesuit Robocubs build a culture, within the school and throughout the city of Detroit, that encourages and celebrates science, technology, engineering, and math; that operates with integrity and Gracious Professionalism; and that strives to achieve justice in access to technology and knowledge.


The Robocubs strive to be a world-class robotics team that:
• Builds science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) knowledge and skills in its members;
• Reaches out to middle schools, particularly in the city of Detroit, to build STEM awareness in younger students;
• Partners students with knowledgeable technical mentors in a rigorous design and build process;
• Competes successfully at a variety of levels in local and worldwide competitions;
• Builds within the school a culture where science and technology are seen as rewarding and exciting, and where students exhibit integrity and Gracious Professionalism in all endeavors;
• Fulfills U of D Jesuit’s mission in creating Men for Others who are Loving, Religious, Intellectually Competent, Open to Growth, and Committed to Doing Justice.